Hand Picked Festival in Langhorne Creek

The Hand Picked Festival in Langhorne Creek takes in one of my favorite wine regions.

Located only a 20 minute drive from Murray Bridge down meandering country back roads makes it a joy to travel to.

Unlike other wine regions it has not lost that small boutique industry feel and the wineries make you feel welcome to come and try their wares.

Treat Yourself

There is some wonderful family owned wineries with some amazing Red and White wines at very affordable prices.

If you feel like treating yourself to some wonderful wine and food tasting you cannot go past Bremerton wineries pizza and Tapas menu, and Lake View Winery offers an amazing dinning experience.

If you are planning to make a weekend of it come and stay in Murray Bridge and avoid the heavy traffic on the roads back to Adelaide.

Why not enjoy a tranquil weekend of self-indulgence.

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